Security Experience

Our extensive experience includes:​

  • Security of large complexes including:

    • Ports
    • Communication sites
    • Command centres
    • Data storage sites
    • Administration and training HQ
    • Living compounds
    • Special high security facilities and storage sites
    • High threat personal residences and business premises

  • Policy, procedure and physical protection for information and high value asset protection.
  • Advice and assistances for commercial companies engaging in UK government contracts.
  • Executive personnel and High Risk person protection management.
  • Instruction and training in security and intelligence disciplines.
  • Strategic and Regional information collection and analysis and intelligence dissemination.
  • Compliance and due diligence audits of commercial premises in support of client threat analysis, acquisition or internal verification activities.
  • Security breach investigation and remedial action.
  • Security advice for ecclesiastic premises for protection of high value assets and corporate events.

Working alongside strategic partners and other partner organisations we have also provided support for:

  • Advice and informed opinion on security matters requiring specialist security advisor guidance.
  • Provision of business continuity audits and assessments in support of due diligence processes.
  • Provision of initial assessments and indicative costs for project viability assessments.
  • Detailed protection assessments for high net worth and at risk executive clients.
  • Premises security audits for prescriptive measures and minimum standards.
  • Vehicle Mitigation assessment and designs to UK PAS 68 as part of an overall security design.
  • Review and recommendations for counter competitive intelligence activity.

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