Security Services

We offer advice and project management services including security threat assessments, design, project management, commissioning and security audits in the following fields and with our Strategic Partners can provide an holistic approach to individual and corporate security issues

  • Critical infrastructure vulnerability assessment and protection
  • Executive/High Threat person protection management
  • Personnel and High value asset protection
  • Security Risk Management assessments and audits
  • Counter Terrorism protective measures
  • Counter competitive intelligence protection management
  • Security investigations
  • Corporate security strategy and policies
  • Business continuity functional protection for ports, telecommunications, energy and utility facilities
  • Integrated security systems design and commissioning involving CCTV, Intruder Detection, Access Control, security lighting and physical barriers

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To provide a complete holistic security capability we work in collaboration with the following highly experienced specialist partner companies along with other proven companies to provide specialised security services.

We recommend you contact them direct or we can provide a single capability with ourselves acting as your main point of contact for an holistic integrated security approach.

Strategic Partners

AKD Services Ltd

AKD Solutions Logo
​AKD Services adopts a strategic
​approach to the fraud risks faced
​by your organisation and works in
​collaboration with your management
​and employees to counter fraud
​and corruption risks within normal
​business processes.

​Diverse Strategies

Diverse Strategies Logo
​Diverse Strategies is an autonomous company working worldwide to create and implement Critical Incident Management structures. With specialist skills in critical incident management from Terrorist and Extremist attacks through to ‘crimes in action’ of kidnap and extortion and covert investigative activity in the UK and abroad.

Tel: 0161 341 0659

​Aprose Risk Management

​Cyber security threats are increasing
​in sophistication and impact.
Aprose Risk Management provides
our clients with the expertise and
skills to mitigate these risks
and safely operate in cyberspace.


Tel: 0845 86 24 365